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The Difference Between Wooden Pallets and Plastic Pallets

Let us begin the discussion with durability and service lifespan. One thing with plastic pallets is that they are long-lasting and sturdy compared to wooden pallets. Another with plastic pallets is that they can support many items with different weights many times. Talking of this they can withstand being lifted by a forklift and transported many miles in tracks. Another benefit of plastic pallets is that they have a longer service plan since they can resist things like weathering. You find that most of the plastic pallets are difficult to repair, but they are always ten times tougher than wooden pallets. This is important s it is going to reduce cost through transport and wastes.

Another point to be discussed is safety, hygiene, and transportation. Plastic pallets are always the best choice for air freight due to their unique chemical and physical characteristics. Contaminating plastic pallets is not an easy task since they are resistant to most acids and chemicals and this makes them the safest option. Another thing with plastic pallets is that they cannot cause serious injuries when they fall making them the safest option. Unlike woods pallets which has some protruding nails that can cause serious damages. Apart from that, handling plastic pallets saves time since they don’t require fumigation besides they are exempted from inspection.

Customizability is another benefit of plastic pallets. As a result, the company will be able to make the pallets into styles that meet their needs. Some FRID chips can also be molded into pallets and used as a tracking device. This is something that is not possible with wooden pallets due to inflexibility.

Apart from that, plastic pallets are economical. This is one of the major reasons why most of the companies have turned to plastic pallets. You will only need to pick a design that you desire since they are produced in different styles. Apart from that, there are also some cheap options in the market that have been made from recycled resins. Most of the wooden pallets are expensive.

Besides, they are also light and odor resistant. Being that they are light in weight make handling them and transporting them to be easy and cheap too. Another thing is that they are also resistant to smell. Besides cleaning plastic pallets to remove bad smell is one of the easiest tasks. I guess you will have a hard time with wooden pallets as cleaning them is not an easy task.

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