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An insight on Food Service

Enterprises in the hotel industries must be able to utilize food service designs and restaurant designs so as to be competitive in the hotel industry. The combination of the foodservice and the decorative details of a restaurant provides it with the atmosphere that will influence customers’ loyalty. The components of a good design are always noticed by clients when they eat in a restaurant in as much as pinpointing the specifics may be difficult for them.

Entrepreneurs in food service industry must understand the concepts of environmental psychology and apply it in designing their restaurant. For example, in the winter a small fireplace can be placed a distance from where the customers are dinning hence creating a positive impression about the warm atmosphere. It is also important to have different designs for different areas such as dining, lodging and entertainment area.

Target markets for a restaurants should be partly influenced by the targeted clients. The customers that are in their teens and mid-twenties will appreciate having a mixture of dull colors and music. In contrast, old customer segment of people over fifty years will not be comfortable with noisy atmosphere or a poorly lit setting.

People who want to design a restaurant in Colorado should adhere to the municipal codes and the laws that govern operation of restaurant. The design should be made in such as to minimize environmental risks and to protect the community. Besides, all workers should be insured so that in case of accidents in the kitchen or during the construction they are given immediate medical attention.

A feasibility study on market and finance should also be done before the project starts. With regards to market feasibility the restaurant design should have the capacity to attract many people such that the sales revenues generates reasonable profit.

A market analysis should be done to ensure that the design offers competitive advantage beyond that of competitors hence attracts more customers. A person intending to start a spring restaurant in Colorado for instance should analyze the current spring restaurant and service they offer then identify what is still lacking in the market.

The designing process is mostly a teamwork comprising of people specialized in different areas. A good program design is important in guiding the team members on their respective roles. A person with good leadership skills and expertise should take a managerial position to coordinate the all process of project designing.

The role of the foodservice consultant is to assist the owner in establishing a conceptual development time when the owner is in doubt. The interior designer directs on the color and materials that are most suitable. The general contractors are responsible for building of the hotel and choosing the best landscape. There are certified companies that offer food service and restaurant design which a company can hire instead of looking for a team.

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